Valentine’s Day Gift-Moon Lamp With Photo

Many holidays and festivals throughout the world involve love; we choose to celebrate with and give gifts to the people who mean most to us on several annual occasions. However, only one day of the year is to celebrate just love and romance and that is Valentine’s Day.

Whilst the modern customs on Valentine’s Day are relatively new, there is evidence that the root of Valentine’s Day began 1700 years ago, around the time of 300 AD. The Roman Emperor Claudius II, who was clearly not very romantic, believed that married men made bad soldiers. With this unsentimental view, he banned marriage completely in order to create and maintain a strong army.

Luckily, not everyone agreed with Claudius and a Priest named Valentine continued to ordain marriages in secret. Of course, he was discovered and sent to jail where the story goes that he fell in love with the jailor’s daughter. Shortly before his execution he wrote her a letter of love, signed “from your Valentine”. The first ever Valentine’s note.

There are other theories, although little evidence to support them, so this romantic and tragic tale has stuck and although Valentine’s day as we know it wasn’t celebrated until the 1500’s, the legacy of the sad, lovelorn priest lives on across the world and is celebrated every year on February 14th.

Another mascot of Valentine’s Day is Cupid. Often depicted as a naked cherub with his bow and arrows who can fire love into the heart of even the coldest person, he was said to be the child of Venus, Greek goddess of love, and Mars the god of war. Cupid himself, is the Greek god of desire and attraction.

Between the 16th and 19th centuries, small hand-painted or printed cards were given, but as time has passed the romantic celebration has become far more of an extravagant event between lovers in many countries, with the UK alone spending millions every year on gifts and surprises.

Perhaps one of the most traditional gifts is a heart-shaped box of chocolates, a decadent sweet treat that has been popular for over fifty years. The more health-conscious of us today might prefer to receive something a little longer lasting like diamonds for those with a bigger budget, or watches, flowers, champagne and perfume.

To celebrate on the actual day, most people opt for a romantic dinner for two in a nice restaurant and often exchange gifts and cards during the meal. It is the perfect occasion to wear a special dress and make an effort to be attentive to one another. Many couples, especially those who are a little younger, will go to the cinema and watch a romantic movie with some popcorn.

The idea of a weekend trip away for Valentine’s Day has become increasingly popular. There is a propensity for people wanting to improve their gift year on year and what could be more impressive and exciting than a romantic weekend abroad? In Europe where it is cold in February, the most popular destinations are cities. Most European cities have a long history, beautiful hotels, shops and bars – everything you need for your romantic getaway.

If you are lucky enough to live somewhere that has warm weather in February, being outside and close to nature is the most romantic setting for a Valentine’s evening. Nature is spiritually linked to love and romance, and being by the ocean, mountains, rivers, under the moon and stars are all ways to cast off societal designs for romance and connect together in the fresh air.

There is something innately romantic about moonlight. Some of the greatest love songs of all time are about the emotion and warm feelings it evokes, and the peace and love it encompasses.

Have you ever laid on the grass at night, gazing at that beautiful yellow orb in the sky? Its other worldliness has a soothing effect, making us feel small and yet connected at once. When we are mesmerised by the patterns on the moon with someone we love, that feeling of connection is almost tangible; an energy and flow that has been recognised for Millennia.

The Universe is inconceivably vast and yet wherever we may be on the earth, we are all under the same comforting glow of the moon. It lights our path at night, it shows us that we are not alone and it tugs at our hearts the way it tugs at the ocean tides.

To know you might be looking into The Sea of Tranquillity or the Ocean of Storms makes the moon’s appeal even more fascinating and romantic. Using NASA satellite imagery, we have designed our lamps with meticulous detail, creating that beautiful moonscape on our Original Moon Lamp, for you to enjoy with a loved one. Each lamp takes over 26 hours to print, there is so much fine and accurate detail to include and we don’t miss a thing.

The Original Moon Lamp casts an adjustable 360 degree glow in your home, creating a calming and ethereal light. The discreet wooden base is designed to fit effortlessly into any room without detracting from the beauty of the Moon Lamp itself.

And if you want a little extra personal touch to the moonscape, why not purchase the “Love you to the moon and back” lamp? Perhaps the Earth or Jupiter have a special meaning to you and your loved one? If so, we have you covered – with The Original Earth Lamp and the Original Jupiter Lamp, you have your choice of the perfect planetary gift.

Every one of our lamps is printed with the same painstaking love and attention on a single cast, making it sturdy and unlikely to break. They are FCC, CE and RohS certified, using LED bulbs that do not heat up. Whether you are buying for an adult, or as a child’s night light (after all, children like Valentine’s gifts too!), The Moon Lamp With Photo website holds something for every style and taste.

So, open your heart and harness the Romance of the Moon this Valentine’s Day, your Original Moon Lamp gift will do the rest.

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