Retirement Gifts for Women,is moon lamp a good idea?

Retirement is a time of enormous change and adjustment. It means different things to different people and may be embraced or feared, depending on the circumstances.

There are many concepts of retirement across the world and the idea that one can become too old to work, is not always welcomed. So what is retirement and how can we help those we care about celebrate it?

Nobody likes to think of themselves as too old for anything! In fact, the older many of us become, the more amazed we are at how we change on the outside but feel the same on the inside. Whilst retirement is certainly a time of reflection, this doesn’t mean it must be a time for sadness or giving up on the fun things in life.

More and more women are taking the view that retirement is the time to spread their wings, fulfil dreams and make themselves happy. Years spent in the workplace and raising a family, must reap some reward and time to enjoy the finer things in life that they perhaps couldn’t before.

In many cultures, retirement is the time to pass the responsibility of ensuring the family is well-cared for, to the younger generations. This allows for the elders to rest and reflect whilst knowing they have the love and support of their families around them.

Many people race towards an early retirement, saving money in order to fund a far more leisurely and rewarding lifestyle which can often span half of their lifetime. Others may dread the day that they are able to stop working and see it is a time when they will no longer be of use.

So, if you are looking at retirement gifts for women, what do you find on the internet? There are so many generic gifts that you can buy, but that have no personal meaning: vases, champagne, jewellery boxes, cushions, dinner vouchers, flowers, wine glasses. A gift means so much more when it has a personal meaning and sentimental value.

The prefect gift will evoke emotions like happiness, calmness and reflection – these are all things we wish for her throughout a happy retirement.

At we have a wide collection of gifts that can be personalised to reflect the recipient and the occasion. For a retirement gift for women there are many inspirational quotes that you can add to your Moon Lamp, sending a cheery message for the future. Better still, choose your own words, straight from the heart or even add a photo.

The moon has always been an inspiration for far-reaching goals and this is the perfect time to inspire and indulge dreams. It symbolises aspirations for the future, for achieving new things and perhaps for romance and love.

If travel is on the cards, why not give someone The Original Earth Lamp? Add a quote, such as “Wherever you go, go with all your heart” to make it extra special.

All of our lamps are made with intricate detail and meticulous care, each one taking over 24 hours to print on state-of-the-art 3D printing equipment. We use NASA satellite imagery, in fact thousands of images, to create a perfect replica of the planetary landscape. All lamps are certified and safety check, compliant with FCC, CE and RohS regulations.

Choose the perfect retirement gift at and we will do the rest.

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