Anniversary Gifts For Parents

Buying anniversary gifts can be a great opportunity to show couples how much their love inspires you, how much they mean to you and how much happiness you wish for their future together. Using your imagination and knowledge of them, you can create a gift or experience far beyond their expectations. It just takes a little time, thought and thinking outside of the box.

Whilst it is a good time to gift the couple something they need, a practical gift isn’t always the way to go. If you search for and create a present with that personal touch, it will mean so much more and be remembered forever.

Your parents’ anniversary is more than just a celebration of their lives together: from you, their child, it is the perfect time to show your love and appreciation of the support they have given you. Their marriage not only means the world to them, but it is the foundation of your life and your happiness too, so now is the time to soul search and find a way to let them know that their marriage is special for many reasons.

Of course, there are thousands of traditional style gifts at your fingertips: ornaments, photo frames, champagne, flowers and chocolates, but none of these shows them the depth of your gratitude and love.

Your parents’ love for one another not only shapes your childhood but it also shapes your beliefs and aspirations for love in your own life. To know that you are loved and cherished no matter what, gives you the courage to seek the same for yourself. The strength that your parents have given you will stay forever and be passed on to your own children.

If your parents are also grandparents, this role is just as important in their lives as it is in the lives of your children. Their anniversary is a perfect time for your children to show their grandparents just how much they love them and need them. Grandparents are often able to provide a different kind of love to their grandchildren as they no longer have the responsibilies in life that they had as parents. This is the time when they can have fun and indulge their grandchildren without worry.

At The Original Moon Lamp, we use an utterly unique process to create bespoke lamps that are sold across the world. Our five-star reviews tell us that so many of these are bought by you as anniversary gifts for parents and grandparents who are delighted with them and often go on to buy more from the collection.

We use thousands of NASA satellite images to map the surface of the Moon, not to mention the Earth, Saturn and Jupiter! With the incredibly detailed images, each lamp is printed over 26 hours with painstaking precision and state of the art 3D printing technology.

But the genius of The Original Moon Lamp doesn’t stop there; we are able to personalise any of the lamps from our wide collection, making a sentimental gift for someone you love. We can add a personal message and even a photograph to the lamp that will shine through as if cast on the Moon itself.

Perhaps your parents would like an image of their children and grandchildren, or a message of love from all of the family. Another perfect way to commemorate their years together is to find an old photo of when they were a young couple and have it printed onto their Moon Lamp. Every time the lamp is on, it will cast a warm glow and a very special memory into their home.

All of our lamps are completely safe and regulated; they are FCC, CE and RohS certified. The LED bulbs do not get hot and the single piece lamp is not easily breakable.

You know your parents better than anyone and we want to make your choice of personalised anniversary gift as special as it could be.

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